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Jessica Craig is an emerging Canadian artist.  Her studio is located at Eastside Atelier in Vancouver.  Jessica studied at Simon Fraser University, and completed a degree in Sociology in 2012. She went unto to complete a second bachelors degree in nursing from University of British Columbia in 2017. Although she did not pursue a fine arts program, over the years she has taken varying continuing education courses with Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design.  She is in the process of completing a painting certificate program there. 

Her work in advocacy and education has a laid a strong foundation for provoking concepts and dialogue in her art works. There is a tone of human and societal inquiry within her painting and style. Her works have often been described as psychological, emotional and riveting with storytelling.  


In the last few years, Jessica went from painting casually in her apartment den to becoming a rising professional artist. Her works, style, themes and confidence flourished. Upon her second year participating with the Eastside Culture Craw in 2020, one of her pieces "Our Backyard" landed on the cover of Georgia Straight and another "Strutting" on the Globe & Mail’s Art and Pursuits.  In 2021, she was award with a grant from Canada Council for the Arts for a large painting series featuring nurses.  Her piece "Feels like Velvet" received an Honourable Mention in the 2021 international show On The Edge Exhibition with Federation of Canadian Artists.


Jessica is finding her momentum in her art world, she has turned her career focus to arts, capturing curious minds and provoking thought with her paintings.  

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